Air collision leads to 2 pilots’ deaths in Columbia

An air incident occurred in Colombia the place two coaching aircraft of the Colombian Air Force collided mid-air, leading to a tragic finish. One of the planes crashed to the ground on July 1, leading to two pilots shedding their lives. The occasion, believed to be a half of a follow session for an upcoming Aeronautical Fair, was caught on a video that circled through social networking sites, sparking shock and grief among the many plenty.
The Colombian Air Force base the place this unfortunate incident occurred is situated within the Meta province, situated in central Colombia. The air drive confirmed the incident through a tweet from their official account stating…
“A mishap has occurred on the air drive base within the Meta province, involving two T-27 Tucano trainer plane round 5.30pm native time.”
The tweet prolonged, expressing an emotional condolence…
“Pilots by no means die, they only fly higher.”
According to depicting the sequence of these occasions confirmed 5 plane flying in formation, one of which veered towards one other, inflicting a deadly collision. This resulted in the aircraft catching fireplace vigorously and spiralling down from the sky, before ultimately crashing towards the bottom, reported Daily Mirror.
Local sources counsel that the pilots had been training for the AeroNautical Fair, which was scheduled to take place from July 12 to July 16. Whether the training will advance as per plan stays unsure..

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