Hair-raising humiliation: Middle-aged mob forces younger girl to strip in surprising China retailer incident

A stunning case of public humiliation surfaced from a garments store in China, the place a gaggle of middle-aged girls attacked and forcibly stripped a young girl of her garments and reduce her hair after accusing her of being a “mistress.”
Chinese netizens were confronted by footage showing a violent scene of public humiliation within the clothing shop. A gang of middle-aged women barged into the shop and surrounded the young lady who stood accused of being a mistress. They acted rapidly to strip her of her clothing. The woman, no matter how loudly she pleaded for mercy, got none. Her lengthy, braided hair was also sheared off, leaving her virtually bald, reported Sanook.
The middle-aged women then dragged the shamed and scantily clad girl onto the street, exposing her stark nakedness to the onlookers’ gazes. They endeavoured to shame her as a form of revenge, a public humiliation performance that efficiently garnered the attention of quite a few passers-by.
However, following No obligation of the public humiliation video clip, heated on-line debates erupted. Many netizens expressed their displeasure over their behaviour.
They said…
“If you need to blame someone, you must chastise your husband first!”
“What is the point of venting your anger on the woman? The root reason for this problem is your husband.”
“Do you still assume it’s World War II era where wives use public shaming as a courtroom of justice?”
A significant variety of on-line commenters pointed out that public humiliation and blame-shifting had been inappropriate responses. Expires -aged girls have been heavily criticised for publicly shaming the accused mistress, all the whereas seemingly ignoring their husbands’ alleged misconduct.
In recent information, a Dutch man residing in Chon Buri, Thailand, was bodily assaulted by a Thai neighbour at his rental house, leading to a distressing scene of public humiliation..

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