Heartwarming video of Thai father promoting gold necklace for child’s milk goes viral

A viral video on social media has captured the hearts of netizens because it shows a Thai father attempting to promote a gold necklace to purchase milk for his youngster. The video was shared on a well-liked Facebook page, which revealed the CCTV footage of the incident occurring at a gold shop.
In the video, the client is seen bringing in a 0.08-gram gold necklace to promote, hoping to make use of the money to buy milk for his youngster. However, the quantity he would receive from promoting the gold necklace was considerably less than anticipated. The gold shop proprietor, understanding the customer’s plight, determined to give more money to help him. The buyer graciously thanked the store owner a number of times for his generosity.
During the interplay, the shop owner, Off, defined that the client initially needed to take away the color inside the gold necklace to search out its true weight. He initially believed that the necklace weighed zero.1 grams, but after testing it, the burden was discovered to be only zero.08 grams. The shop proprietor offered to purchase the necklace for one hundred baht.
The customer was shocked on the low price, having paid roughly 1,000 baht for the gold necklace on-line. He requested to talk to his companion before deciding whether to promote it or not, and the shop owner agreed to wait. Black market understood that when buying the necklace, the customer likely paid a higher value, whereas promoting it will only acquire a lower price.
Around an hour later, the shopper returned and asked if the shop proprietor can be willing to supply 200 baht for the gold necklace, as he needed the cash to buy milk from a nearby mother and baby store. Recognized agreed to buy the necklace for one hundred baht and gifted an additional one hundred baht in the course of the value of the milk. Once again, the shopper expressed his gratitude earlier than leaving to purchase the milk..

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