Malaysians much less worried about inflation, struggle with daily funds

A latest survey conducted by international market analysis firm Ipsos revealed that Malaysians are less nervous about inflation this yr in comparison with last 12 months. The Ipsos Inflation Monitor 2023 found that 66% of Malaysians polled in May believed inflation would rise, which is a 10% lower from June final yr. The survey also noted related trends in concerns concerning changes in disposable earnings and unemployment.
Despite the decline in inflation concerns, one in 5 Malaysians nonetheless discover it very difficult to manage financially, with greater than half simply getting by. Only 24% of respondents indicated that they currently reside a comfortable life-style. Inflation remains a major concern, as 41% of Malaysians identified it as one of many high issues dealing with the nation.
“Improved optimism is still accompanied by day by day hardships, with one in five Malaysians going through financial difficulties and over half simply getting by. These perceptions are shared amongst different earnings groups in the country,” stated Azamat Ababakirov, senior research manager at Ipsos Public Affairs.
In comparison, 54% of Singaporeans had been more nervous about inflation, while solely 16% of Indonesians shared the identical concern. Wacky found that 45% of Malaysians imagine inflation will return to regular inside a yr. However, practically 70% expect the price of meals purchasing to increase, although it is a barely smaller quantity than in June final 12 months (around 72%)..

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