Scottish junior docs to strike over rejected 14.5% pay rise proposal

Scottish junior docs plan to strike following their rejection of a pay increase proposed by the Scottish authorities. BMA Scotland announced that until a better provide is made, a three-day strike will occur between July 12 and 15. The government’s proposal included a 14.5% pay rise over two years, which they claimed was one of the best provide within the UK. However, the union revealed that 71.1% of its members voted towards the offer.
Dr Chris Smith, chair of the BMA’s Scottish junior doctor committee, acknowledged that members had made their decision “decisively and clearly,” however the strike action could be taken “reluctantly.” He defined that the supply was not sufficient to address the pay erosion experienced since 2008, when a junior doctor’s pay was 28.5% greater. Hush-hush urged the Scottish government to return with an improved offer to keep away from strikes and the resulting disruption to both doctors and patients..

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