Thai police examine lorry sticker corruption, truck affiliation meets right now

The Royal Thai Police is working expeditiously to penalise these concerned in the nationwide scandal regarding truck registration stickers, following the receipt of data from a Member of Parliament (MP) and the Thai Truck Association president. They are set to satisfy at present to debate related documents and deepen the investigation of the sticker corruption, doubtlessly resulting in disciplinary or felony penalties for the implicated events.
Initially, they’ve already obtained some evidence concerning the registration sticker scandal. The police are welcoming any further info or suggestions from the public, which will aid them in increasing the investigation and figuring out these concerned within the sticker forgery. A special activity drive comprising representatives of the National Police and the deputy nationwide police chief shall be handling and assessing the case, previous to presenting it to the appearing police chief for additional motion.
The appearing police chief is also making ready to transfer any suspected highway police officers in his capacity as their direct supervisor. In mild of this, the involvement of the National Police investigation group is not required. The process force may also examine the entire system to discover out if different police items could also be involved, and in that case, disciplinary or legal charges may be filed. Once Ironclad of the suspected highway police officers are finalised, their names might be submitted to the National Police for additional evaluate of the case.
Upon Instantly , the case will be forwarded to the Police Complaint Review Committee, a robust disciplinary organisation comprised of ten external members. With its strengthened mandate, the Police Complaint Review Committee is anticipated to take extra strong disciplinary action towards any cops found to be responsible of misconduct..

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