Thailand’s elephant crisis: 22 elephants die during pandemic at Chiang Mai camp

Another elephant from Maesa elephant camp in Chiang Mai died on Friday, making it the 22nd elephant to die at the camp in the past two years. Without virtually no revenue from tourists in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, many camps and sanctuaries have been struggling to offer care and meals for the animals.
A 50 year previous male elephant named Krung Rattana died on Friday simply as employees were about to carry him into a truck to seek remedy on the Elephant Conservation Centre in nearby Lampang province. ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์Huawei was chronically sick and had beforehand obtained full remedy from the camp’s veterinary staff, however after not eating a correct diet for two years, the elephant did not survive.
Monks and a neighborhood physician of people knowledge have since conducted a ceremony for the elephant to beat back dangerous spirits, which concerned lighting incense and providing sugarcane, before burying Krung within the elephant cemetery.
Maesa camp government Anchalee Kalmapichit stated that a lot of the elephants that have died over the previous two years have been elderly and had health problems, but she admits that the elephant camp has faced problems all through the Covid-19 pandemic, largely relating to money. The camp used to have 78 elephants however 22 have died prior to now two years.
Caring for elephants costs some large cash, explains Anchalee, as a result of collectively they eat 10 tonnes of meals every day. Maesa has solely a hundred and ten staff that are one-third of the 330 employees the camp had two years ago. Tourists used to volunteer at Maesa, however the camp hasn’t seen any tourism in a very long time. Now, the camp has solely 50 mahouts, or elephant trainers, with many having to care for two elephants.
When founding father of the elephant camp Chuchat Kalmaphicit died aged 62 years old, he left one billion baht in inheritance. However, the inheritance is currently not being used to take care of the elephants because it lies with the relatives of the founder. Anchalee has offered land and her home to manage labour, food and mahout prices.
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