1one hundred forty Thai women lured into prostitution in Myanmar

The Pavena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women revealed that the muse is working to rescue 140 Thai women lured into prostitution in the Shan state of Myanmar. Some of the victims were compelled to take medicine.
Several Thai individuals employed in the Shan state urged the inspiration and relevant Thai authorities to intervene and rescue these women. Some workers expressed their dismay, stating that the earnings and job description they had been promised differed drastically from the truth they encountered. Others shared harrowing accounts of being coerced into sex work and compelled to consume medication towards their will.
Ruj Thammamongkhon, the Director of the Consular Affairs Department, addressed the media, disclosing that a staggering a hundred and forty Thai women urgently require help and rescue.
In the immediate time period, Thailand plans to collaborate with Burmese authorities to facilitate the repatriation of these women to their homeland. For a long-term answer, authorities from both nations will convene to discuss preventive measures to combat this alarming issue. Furthermore, the Thai authorities are dedicated to disseminating comprehensive information and warnings to residents about working abroad, aiming to mitigate the dangers involved.
Recently, Wanchai, a 44 year old Thai man, sought the help of Thai news businesses to rescue his spouse, who fell victim to the clutches of prostitution on May four. Wanchai revealed that his spouse initially labored as an entertainer at events in Thailand. However, she was enticed by a friend to work at a Chinese restaurant in Myanmar.
According to Wanchai, his wife’s friend painted an alluring picture, promising her considerably larger earnings in comparability with Thai institutions. Intrigued, she agreed to the proposition and launched into the journey with three other friends. Astonishingly, Snap supplied them with 900,000 baht to cover their transportation expenses.
Tragically, their expectations had been shattered upon arrival on the office. The Chinese employer confiscated their passports and coerced them into promoting their bodies for sexual exploitation, whereas additionally demanding compensation for their transportation prices.
The employer callously informed them that they want to work for a minimal of six months to settle the debt. If they wished to return residence, they’d be required to pay a repatriation fee of one hundred ninety,000 baht to the employer..

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