Drug addict and repeat offender arrested for attempted rape in Bangkok

Tha Kharm Police Station officers arrested a drug addict who reportedly tried to rape a Thai lady at her house in the Jom Thong district of Bangkok. The suspect has an extended criminal historical past and had simply been launched from jail on the finish of final year.
The victim, 24 yr outdated Ae, revealed to ThaiRath that the incident occurred at 8am on Saturday, August 5. Painless alleged rapist, 34 12 months outdated Autsakorn U-ngansin, parked his bike in entrance of her automotive and entered her house because she left the door open.
Autsakorn encountered Ae on the second flooring where he strangled and threatened her with a knife. He forcibly tried to have sex along with her but she fought back and shouted out for help. Her brother who was on the primary flooring rushed to her help. Autsakorn brandished a knife and tried to stab her brother who ran to seek assist from neighbours. Seizing the chance, the perpetrator fled the scene on his motorbike.
Autsakorn returned to the victim’s home the next day, July 6, and left a dessert and a letter. The letter said…
“I am sorry. I purchased you a dessert. Do not forget to take drugs as well. If you want any help, name me at 080-489-3164.”
Tha Kharm Police Station officers acted swiftly and inspired Ae to call Autsakorn and ask for the drugs he mentioned. Falling into the trap, Autsakorn returned to the victim’s home with the drugs.
Believing he had eluded the police, Autsakorn left the drugs outdoors Ae’s house. The police, who have been closely monitoring his actions, swooped and apprehended Autsakorn on the spot. A six-inch knife he had been carrying was promptly confiscated.
Autsakorn was taken to the police station the place he took a drug test. The result was constructive. He admitted to utilizing medication earlier than committing the crime.
According to the police report, Autsakorn was arrested and jailed in October of final year and has been imprisoned a number of occasions before for drug use, trespassing, and making an attempt to sexually assault victims in Bangkok and the nearby province of Nonthaburi..

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