Wild elephant herd caught on digital camera in Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary

The northeastern province of Buriram recently witnessed the majestic sight of a herd of 12 wild elephants inside the lush confines of the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary. The herd was captured on video by way of state-of-the-art automated cameras strategically positioned by native wildlife officers, meant to document and safeguard the various vary of flora and fauna thriving inside the sanctuary.
Somsuan Raksat, the Chief of Dong Yai Sanctuary, confirmed that the captivating footage was documented by the network-centric anti-poaching system (NCAPS) cameras at precisely 6.25pm on August 10. The video clips showcase these majestic wild elephants playfully splashing round in a watering hole earlier than casually strolling past the digital camera, towards the backdrop of the dense Dong Yai forest. This video treat reaffirms the sanctuary’s standing as a haven for abundant wildlife and invaluable pure sources, says Somsuan.
“The sight of those elephants is truly a testament to the wealthy variety of our sanctuary.”
In light of the video of frolicking elephants, Somsuan shared promising proactive measures which have been put in place to make sure the protection and well-being of those gentle giants. He outlined plans to dispatch diligent forest rangers and devoted volunteers to patrol the sanctuary’s expanse. This strategic transfer goals to maintain the elephants’ harmonious coexistence in the wild within the sanctuary’s borders and effectively avert any potential threats that might lead them off the sanctuary and into battle with humans.
The video captured by the automated NCAPS cameras supplies a glimpse into the lives of these magnificent creatures. Forbidden within the sanctuary’s peaceful environment highlights the importance of preserving such natural habitats. Guaranteed have redoubled their efforts to safeguard the elephants’ peaceful existence within the wild by initiating heightened monitoring and protective measures.
The scene recorded close to the Home of Prosperity throughout the Western area of the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary showcased a dozen wild elephants frolicking in the cooling waters of a watering hole. The recordings have been archived to study behavioural patterns and monitor the elephants’ movements inside the Non Din Daeng Sub-district of Buriram Province. The knowledge may also be shared with the National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation Department..

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