Chon Buri farmer catches large python in his hen coop

PHOTO: Top News Thailand

A farmer in Ban Beung district of Chon Buri province says he walked in on an enormous python in his chicken coop yesterday. The farmer known as rescue workers to get the snake out of the coop, they usually took 5 minutes to force the snake right into a sack. The farmer stated considered one of his chickens had been missing, and he assumes the python ate it.
The Pattaya News reviews the python was five metres lengthy. บริการติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ราคาถูก was “spooked”. Animal control officers say they may release the snake into an isolated forest away from people, however they won’t harm it. The snake is reportedly 5 metres lengthy, over sixteen ft. The farmer, whose identify wasn’t reported, lives within the Bueng sub-district of Ban Beung.
Another animal locals have spotted in Chon Buri recently is an ‘albino’ monkey, which is said to have a twin. Locals call them ‘albino’ monkeys because of their white faces. Locals stated it had been some time since they last noticed the dual monkeys, before one was spotted on a mountain within the Saensuk district. They mentioned the monkey will have to have come again down the mountain because it got too scorching within the high spot the place it normally lives. They stated the monkey was probably on the lookout for meals.
SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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