Temperature coefficients (TC) of pressure sensors

Since temperature affects the measuring accuracy of a pressure sensor, there always remains a small temperature error in the rated temperature range despite a wide range of compensation measures. This error is frequently expressed in the info sheets of manufacturers of pressure sensors as temperature coefficient (abbr. TC). This coefficient describes a (linear) error, beginning with a reference point, which generally is room temperature.
Accordingly, the temperature error at room temperature is zero and increases with increasing difference of the temperature from room temperature with the specified coefficient in linear fashion (see figure). Basically, Report -point temperature coefficient (abbr. TC0), but also that of the span (TCC) must be considered individually. The zero-point error describes the result of temperature on the zero signal. The error of the span specifies the result of temperature on the full scale value. The individual temperature coefficients of zero point and of span are usually specified as magnitudes, and therefore they may be either positive or negative.
If in an individual instrument the zero-point error gets the same sign because the error of the span, these two temperature errors may accumulate in worst case. A typical value for the average zero-point temperature coefficient of a pressure sensor is: 0.2 % / 10 K. Ethical to WIKA pressure sensors.

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