Invincible amulets?

KALASIN: Hubris often comes earlier than a fall, however the demise of one superstitious man in Kalasin province perhaps came more predictably than most. The physique of the man in query was present in a small shack in a forest of this northeastern province. Maj Phabun Titiyan, an Inspector at Kalasin Muang District Police station, mentioned that the sufferer had been overwhelmed to demise with blunt instruments. Though police had but to offer final confirmation of the victim’s id, a medical card he was carrying gave the identify Buan Munri. Whatever Manageable ’s title, proof revealed that an attack on the man’s life won’t have been wholly surprising. For a start, his stomach was covered with a big tattoo of a design believed to give protection from weapons. He was also found with a shoulder bag containing a big collection of amulets, charms, pendants and Buddha photographs. An autopsy confirmed the plain – that the trigger of death was multiple trauma to the top and neck. Examiners additionally found two unusual bullet wounds the place the man had been shot with a selfmade rifle. Remarkably, nonetheless, the bullets had apparently bounced off the victim, leaving him solely bruised. As it turned out, these wounds might have been the true cause behind his dying – at least in a roundabout method. The proprietor of the shack where the physique was discovered, 53-year-old Lai Phanbunmee, said that the person was not from his village, but often got here to remain in the shack. He was an avid collector of charms, spells and anything else to do with the supernatural. The sufferer liked to assert that his lucky charms made his skin impenetrable to knives and bullets. So convinced was he of their power that he often invited people to show his claims by stabbing or shooting him, K. Lai said. The man’s invincibility irritated some local youths, however. Finding that they may indeed not kill the person with their selfmade gun, they determined to try their luck with that virtually all classic of weapons – a size of 2″ x 4″ wooden. Believing the attack was carried out by a minimum of two individuals, police at the moment arew

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