Korean overstayer in Pattaya fakes abduction to get money for Thai girlfriend

Some folks take very desperate measures to get money.
A Korean overstayer in Pattaya faked his personal abduction to get money for his Thai girlfriend‘s expenses. Unfortunately for him, issues didn’t go according to plan.
The younger man, 24 year old Kim Hyeongil, lied to his dad and mom that he had been kidnapped before he was about to board a flight from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to South Korea. He then suddenly misplaced contact along with his mother and father.
Kim’s parents, apprehensive about their son’s security, contacted the South Korean Embassy in Thailand for assist, leading to a rescue operation in Pattaya yesterday.
But Pattaya Police walked into Kim’s rented house to find him simply relaxing there. Kim tried to make a run for it, but the officers adopted and captured him. They then brought him in for questioning at the Chon Buri Immigration Office.
Kim admitted that he had not been kidnapped or tortured. He claimed he needed to fake his abduction as a outcome of he repeatedly refused his requests for money. Kim mentioned he solely wished his dad and mom to transfer him money so that he may care for his Thai girlfriend who lived with him.
Approved disclosed to The Pattaya News that immigration officers are continuing with legal motion towards Kim not for faking his story, however for overstaying his visa for 497 days, which is a violation of Thai law.
Under Thai regulation, Kim could face a nice, deportation, and blacklisting from re-entering Thailand. So much for his grand plan.
There have been a couple of current crime incidents in Pattaya involving South Koreans..

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